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The only reason anyone has seen these worlds again is because of black market realms

Legacy Portals allow travel between Legacy Worlds at any time in any order on one character and server.

Walk into the Legacy Portal and select the Legacy World:

Vanilla Azeroth (Zone Levels 1-60)
Outlands (60-70)
Northrend (70-80)
Cataclysm Azaroth (80-85)
Pandaria (85-90)
Draenor (90-100)
Broken Isles Azaroth (100-110)

When travelling through a Legacy Portal,
You die and drop your body, abilities and items on one side of the portal,
Only your soul can transgress the portal.

If it is your first time to a particular Legacy World,
You would retrieve a new body in the starting zone at the lowest level appropriate for that world.
Equipped with only the most basic starting gear and abilities.

If you had traveled to a Legacy World before,
You would retrieve your previous body at the level you had last progressed in that world,
Equipped with all the items and abilities you had acquired there.

When inside a Legacy World you can never exceed the maximum level of that World.

All race and class abilities, achievements, transmog features and so forth,
Apply as they were independently in each Legacy World.

User interface configurations would save for each Legacy World.


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