Torrent Instructions

Internet Security

Download an Internet Security Program 30 day Trial

Avast Internet Security

AND also get

Malwarebytes Free

Web Browser

Use Chrome and install Adblock extension free
Adblock Extension

Torrent Program


WARNING: When you install this program only install VUZE and DECLINE THE ADDITIONAL ADWARE install. Pay attention before you click accept.

Torrent Website


You can browse movies here
Read comments on movies to verify quality
1080p is good
‘Download MAGNET’ to download the torrent directly into VUZE

Other Notes

Once you have downloaded a movie it will be in ‘My Documents > VUZE’
Move it out of this folder to another drive


VPN Review

Recommended Private Internet Access VPN

7$ per month or 40$ per year

Install the VPN software, choose a close server to connect to when you want to download anything.

You can receive emails while connected to the VPN but not send them.
When you send emails first disconnect the VPN.


VLC Player