— History of Earth: 4.5billion years BC
— Dinosaurs: 230 million BC
— Humanoid fossils: 20million BC
— Human fossils: 2million BC
— Cave paintings: 40,000 BC
— Andean Inca Civilizations: 3500 BC
— Ancient Egypt: 3500 BC

Ruins, stone carvings an idols
No evidence of Christian or Islamic Gods or Prophets in any of the Ancient Civilizations!

— Greek mythology 500 BC

Earliest form of written history, where Mythologies flourished
No evidence however,
not even a mention of the Christian or Islamic Gods through 2million years of our past
Nothing until the Christianization and Islamisation of Cultures that occurred in the modern era

— Origin of Judaism: 1900-500 BC, Israel
— Origin of the Roman Empire: 30 BC, Rome
— Origin of Christianity: 30 AD, Israel
— Origin of Islam: 610 AD Mecca, Saudi Arabia

— The Roman Persian wars 92 BC – 629 AD
— The Islamic Crusades 630 AD – 1091 AD
— The Christian Crusades 1095 AD – 1291 AD

The Christian and Islamic religions spread with the invention of book-form codices which were fashioned from papyrus or parchment folded to form quires

Jesus was a carpenter who saved people from starvation and disease, lead no armies, killed noone, and gave his life to save another

People need something to believe in
Religion is a powerful organizer of people
Political leaders have used religion to raise armies and justify wars
Religion can be the justification to kill others and take what was theirs
Religion can also dissuade the poor from murdering the rich
Pagans fed disenters to lions 300 years before christianity
Religion can be used for anything

Reseach still to be added to this article, the nanoverse, electricity can alter the source code of this planet 2021

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