Guild T S I X : sea of sorrows : Frend id : TSIX.5938

Just checking this game out atm so far so good even the squirrels look badass!


I wont be playing this game anymore.

I only made it to level 20.
It’s all I could stand lol.
While the game graphics are very nice,
There are far too many MMO elements missing in this game,
From lots of small issues to major game breakers.

Everything is phased!
It is not a real persistent world.
Feels more like a collection of instances.
With random players and events continually spawning
Around you like ground hog day.
Everyone just beats on the same mobs because everyone gets loot,
There is literally no way for you to claim a kill,
Or forge your own path.
There are no class roles.
No damage meters.
No way to know if you have threat.
No responsibility or individuality.
No way to stand out.
Everyone is the same.
No-one knows what they are doing or if what they are doing is any good.
You don’t even die in this game.
You just sit down and keep fighting,
Or spawn at a way point and go about yur day.
You will never encounter an enemy player unless you join a battleground.
There are so many things I disliked in this MMO.
I was very shocked!
As I was expecting it to be an awesome game.
It’s a meaningless hollow experience.
This Game has no Soul.

The whole Mega Server phased garbage technology,
And repeating events has become the new cheapskate way to host an MMO.
I refuse to play this garbage!

Artcile written by T666 ©