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Dwayne Johnson to Lead Supernatural Action Movie ‘SEAL TEAM 666’   Synopsis from the 2012 novel: Halfway through SEAL training, Cadet Jack Walker, still green but showing incredible promise, is whisked away to join four SEALs and their dog for a special ops mission. Walker soon finds himself in a whirlwind of otherworldly creatures and […]

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American Blue Nose Pitbull

Junior Millan — Blue nose American Pitbull Pitbulls are effectively banned in Australia BSL legislation introduced in QLD (2009) NSW (2006) WA (2006) VIC (2005) SA (2004) The law states that Pitbulls may no longer be sold, given away, or acquired 10 people die per year in America due to Pitbull and Pitbull mix attacks […]

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Dark Souls

Dark Souls I, II, III Dark Souls I, II, III  You know a game is going to be hard when the main character can’t make it through the trailer without being killed twice I’m still piecing together some ideas for this article Its not finished so make sure you come back I will b uploading […]

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— History of Earth: 4.5billion years BC — Dinosaurs: 230 million BC — Humanoid fossils: 20million BC — Human fossils: 2million BC — Cave paintings: 40,000 BC — Andean Inca Civilizations: 3500 BC — Ancient Egypt: 3500 BC Ruins, stone carvings an idols No evidence of Christian or Islamic Gods or Prophets in any of […]

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