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Guild T S I I X : Barthilas : Real ID : : level 85 druid : TSIIX

I am officially never playing World of Warcraft again or any game made by Blizzard

by T666 on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 5:38am  
No ones account is safe due to Real ID and the Blizzard phone account recovery system.

I will never play Kidscraft, Diablow or any Blizzard game again!

Update November 2012 
It's Official: Blizzard’s service has been hacked and account information has been stolen according to the Diablo III developer.

Battle Net Release

Full Story

My account was stolen February 28 2012 by someone impersonating me via the Blizzard phone service. He did not have access to my email or any passwords, but managed to fool an operator to change my registered email to a new email that had my full name in the address. This was a fake email that he had created. This now gave him complete access and control of my account, and all of my private information in the Battle-net account was now compromised: full name, full home address (masked address can be pasted into Google maps for the full address), last 4 digits of my Credit Card, first 6 digits of my game CD-Key, full cataclysm CD-Key (listed in the transaction history of my digital downloads)

I was only able to get my account returned back to my real email after providing a photo drivers ID, and it was noted on my account that for any future account changes via the phone service, a photo drivers ID MUST be supplied because all my other details had been compromised.

While the impostor had my account tho, he had promoted his own character ‘Tsiixii’ to Guild Leader, and removed my character “Tsiix’ along with 40 other people from the Guild, but on this occasion when I got my account back Blizzard also restored leadership of my Guild to me, and the impostor was removed.

1 month later April 18,

I was unable to log into Warcraft again
Blizzard told me someone had just called them and provided enough information to change my account email again!

1. the phone department was not to accept the compromised keys or details from my account.
2. the person calling did not know my secret answer
3. had no access to the registered email or authenticator
4. did not know any passwords
5. did not provide a photo drivers' ID

Records in my ticket account history show 3 phone call attempts.
The impostor was denied 2 times for not supplying a photo drivers ID.
But a 3rd operator accepted the Cataclysm CD-key, removed my authenticator, and changed the registered email back to the impostor's email giving him control of my account again, where he promoted his character back to Guild Leader and removed my character and over 600 other people.

The discussion must have been something like this:

Impostor "I cant remember my password or security answer, I've lost my authenticator, and I cant access my email, but can you change the Battle-net email address to this fake one so I can steal this guys account again. I just called up 2 times and was turned away but you are f**king stupid so here is the CD-key and last 4-digits of his CC card that I stole from his account the first time I fooled u clowns which was like 3 weeks ago, thanks"

Phone Operator "Great let me assign your fake email now and remove that pesky authenticator. Go an steal this guys Guild again because this time we will not be able to do anything about it because it will be the second time its happened and we can only help once so we will just blame the compromise on him, and don't worry we wont come after you or anything like that. I mean you pay the same fee as he does so we really don't care"

April 20,

My account was returned to me but only after providing my photo drivers ID,
Something the impostor has never had to do!
But this time Blizzard refuses to restore me to Guild Leader of my own guild!

May 8,

I have been unsuccessful to have my Guild Leadership restored.
I'm pretty much done with the game at this point
I just logged on a few times
But this scumbag was still there playing as GM of my Guild
I just wanted to let other people know that it was not me
He was pretending to be me and was contacting other players requesting their account login details. Some people submitted in-game tickets but received no assistance from Blizzard. They were told account security was their own responsibility and would not discuss anything in relation the impostor's account.

I had played the game for like 5 years. I created T S I I X in 2007 Burning Crusade as Alliance before changing to Horde in 2009 Wrath of the Lich King. In 2012 Dragon Soul we reached the top World Rankings for 8/8 Hard mode Boss kills, 2nd on the Server and had 1000 members. I got to know alot of people through this game it really makes me mad that some of them may think this guy is me. Even vet players coming back. Anyways all of that is over now. Ive posted this story and hopefully everyone knows by now I am done with this game and any game made by Blizzard.

Below are the responses I received from Blizzard in relation to getting my Guild back.
The first response is from the manager of the American Phone center.
The rest are from the in-game specialists.

Hello David, Thank you for contacting Blizzard Account and Technical Services. Account and Technical services is here to assist our customers with payment problems and system/hardware related issues. The issue you are contacting Account and Technical services about is virtual one, an in-game related issue that is best reviewed and investigated by our in-game specialists.
David B.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

4/24/2012 6:29 AM
Greetings, After reviewing the situation at hand I am afraid we are unable to assist in the recover of the Guild T S I I X. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding in this matter.
Game Master Skarzkogil
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

4/26/2012 2:19 AM
"In this particular situation, it appears that we have assisted with providing guild leadership back to your account in the past. Specifically, in early March of this year we investigated a similar situation with your account. Due to the details surrounding this situation, I am not able to reinstate your character as the guild leader. Please understand that account security is a top priority, and it is in your sole responsibility."
Senior Game Master Edralor
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

5/5/2012 9:58 AM
Due to the nature of the compromise, we are unable to restore leadership to the guild in question.
Please note that in the situation of compromises, our systems have not recently, nor ever been compromised. As a publicly traded company, we are legally obligated to make our customers aware of any security breaches to any customer information within our company. Including, but not limited to account information. Also, remember that the security of the account you are using is your responsibility.
Game Master Dauptia
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

5/6/2012 12:57 AM
Hi it's Clinton. This is just a follow up to the conversation that we had earlier about having our game masters investigate your guild leadership issue. This issue is officially marked as resolved

That last guy 'Clinton' actually snickered at me over the phone as he said theirs nothing more we can do

update May 17

My mobile phone wakes me at 8am
Its a SMS warning that i need to enter a code to my Warcraft account
Then the next SMS says, thank you mobile alerts are now discontinued
So Blizzard tell me that someone just rang them
And provided my Full name and Cataclysm CD-key and CC details to change my email back to their fake email. The operator also removed my authenticator again and my mobile device!

I said 'How can this happen, a drivers license is needed to make changes to my account'

The Phone person said, 'No we just require a few points of ID and that was supplied'

but then after scrolling through the rest of my account she said,

'I see the problem. Our account systems have been effected by new software over the past few months, and the security flag on your account stating 'DO NOT ACCEPT THE CATACLYSM CD KEY, ONLY ACCEPT A PHOTO DRIVERS ID' is no longer visible at the top of your account, so we would not know about the previous issues without scrolling to the bottom of your account'

'WTF 4 real and this is my fault?'

'no comment'


'Im very sorry'


5/5/2012 9:58 AM
Our systems have not recently, nor ever been compromised. As a publicly traded company, we are legally obligated to make our customers aware of any security breaches to any customer information within our company. Including, but not limited to account information. Also, remember that the security of the account you are using is your responsibility.

NO ACTUALLY Your security system is f**ked
You cant protect anyone's account or private information
That is what you should tell your customers

REAL ID is a security hole for players
You are already providing 2 points of security to scammers within the game
Full name and Account Login Email
There is no reason for this
Each player should just have a unique Username or Tag
Just like any other gaming platform
Then players can add whoever they want as friends over Battle-net

But to make things worse the Blizzard Phone account software is bugged
The security flags left by one operator are not displayed correctly for the next
So the same scammer can just keep ringing them over and over like its the first time
Worst of all is the actions of the company itself
Blizzard did nothing to help me at all
And do not pursue hackers and scammers etc
Its evident in my case the same theif is still playing

The game has gone downhill since the Burning Crusade expansion anyways
Now it is just a 2D crayon game themed on dancing pandas for toddlers and wiggles fans
I am sure the original designers are no longer there
And the company itself just sux imo

Update October 2012 
Here is a sequence of screenshots from a friend who is still playing
He saw the guy advertising in Trade chat 'TSIIX is back'
So 6 months after my Account and Guild was stolen
Blizzard have done nothing
They have allowed this guy to play on and impersonate me
His character called 'Nethertotem' is now Leader of my Guild
He also has placed other alts at high rank with names like Tsiiix and so forth
To make it look like im still playing
But you will see in this chat log he is claiming to be me, 'David Deitch'
I have sent a drivers ID and a registered mail to their legal department months ago
And Blizzard have done nothing








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