World Of Warcraft




When you travel through a Legacy Portal from Vanilla to TBC
You drop your body and items in Azeroth and step into Outlands with both yur body and items duplicated.

If you had already been to Outlands then you will be merged with that body and items.

When you travel from TBC back to Vanilla you drop your body(level and abilities) and items in Outland
And pick up your Vanilla body in Azeroth
Nothing from TBC(a higher level World) can come back through the portal to Vanilla other than yur soul.

This allows you to progress forwards but only recover when going backwards.

Legacy Worlds can be traveled in any order, at anytime
Just by walking into a portal and selecting the continent:

  • Vanilla Azeroth (Zone Levels 1-60)
  • Outlands (60-70)
  • Northrend (70-80)
  • Cataclysm Azaroth (80-85)
  • Pandaria (85-90)
  • Draenor (90-100)
  • Broken Isles Azaroth (100-110)
    When travelling to any Legacy World
    You would resume at the level you had last progressed in that world.
    If it is your first time to a World,
    You would start at the lowest level for that expansion
    With only items acquired from lower level Worlds.
    An NPC will offer you the most basic starting gear incase you are naked.
    These items would be soulbound, cost nothing and vendor for nothing.

    These portals between expansion continents is the sort of technology retail should be developing
    They would justify the purchase of the most current expansion if the portals were located there
    And they would provide for the authentic experience of every expansion as they were intended
    While allowing players to travel between them all including the most current expansion
    On a single server and character



  • Players can no longer visit legacy worlds as higher leveled players
    Character LEVEL, ATTRIBUTES, ABILITIES including GEAR suit the legacy world they are in

  • If a level 100 player travels to Vanilla Azeroth they will appear there as a true level 60
    No items higher than a players character level can be equipped or used

  • Items acquired after the closing dates of each expansion CANNOT be equipped, used or transmoged there
    If a player did not get the item back in the day,
    Then they cannot equip or transmog that item in those legacy worlds
    They will have to play the legacy expansion as it was to acquire, equip and transmog those items

    Armor items are no longer stored in a bag but in a bottomless wardrobe tab for each expansion world

  • Quick change armor set profiles
    Transmog applies to item slots not items

  • Quick change Transmog slot profiles
    To play World of Warcraft

  • A player would need to own the expansion they want to play in
  • an active subscription

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