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Torrent Instructions Adblock for Chrome browser Free Adblock Internet Security Download an Internet Security Program 30 day Trial Avast Internet Security OR AVG Internet Security AND also get Malwarebytes Free Web Browser Use Chrome and install Adblock extension free Adblock Extension Torrent Program VUZE WARNING: When you install this program only install VUZE and DECLINE [...]

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Elder Scrolls Online Beta Review

Feature video by Angryjoe on youtube The Elder Scrolls Online Ebonheart Pact Beta Review by Team666 Levels 1-9. The First 10 Hours of Gameplay.   The Quest direction is Woeful. An NPC dialog snoozefest with non-combative fetch quests. If you are lucky your path may be blocked by a single bear or wolf but it [...]

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Tera Online

Feature video by shadeypwns on youtube   FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF TERA TERA is basically Warcraft 2.0 It has many of the good features from Warcraft minus the 2D cartoon graphics It is free to download an play from the Tera Official Website Some of the great features in TERA: - Unreal3 graphics engine The environment [...]

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  Quake I II IIIarena IV The above video is an insanely fast playthrough of Quake 1. Its not by me. I'm sure whoever recorded this is in a hospital somewhere lol Enjoy! Ill write a my own review soon Just watch the video above for now How cool are all the sounds I love [...]

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Dwayne Johnson to Lead Supernatural Action Movie ‘SEAL TEAM 666’   Synopsis from the 2012 novel: Halfway through SEAL training, Cadet Jack Walker, still green but showing incredible promise, is whisked away to join four SEALs and their dog for a special ops mission. Walker soon finds himself in a whirlwind of otherworldly creatures and [...]

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American Blue Nose Pitbull

Junior Millan — Blue nose American Pitbull Pitbulls are effectively banned in Australia BSL legislation introduced in QLD (2009) NSW (2006) WA (2006) VIC (2005) SA (2004) The law states that Pitbulls may no longer be sold, given away, or acquired 10 people die per year in America due to Pitbull and Pitbull mix attacks [...]

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— History of Earth: 4.5billion years BC — Dinosaurs: 230 million BC — Humanoid fossils: 20million BC — Human fossils: 2million BC — Cave paintings: 40,000 BC — Andean Inca Civilizations: 3500 BC — Ancient Egypt: 3500 BC Ruins, stone carvings an idols No evidence of Christian or Islamic Gods or Prophets in any of [...]

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